A healthcare communications agency founded on the Power of Partnerships

We have all the scientific and creative communications expertise you need from a consultancy... but that’s not what makes us different.

We believe the best results are only possible when a client and a consultancy truly click. Partnerships founded on mutual trust are the rocket fuel that makes communications campaigns fly high.

So we do client partnership differently. POP Health takes the time to understand not only your business goals, but also your personalities and working styles. Then we build our service and processes around the whole picture.

Why work with POP Health?

POP Health is more than a communications consultancy; we’re a trusted sounding board to nurture your ideas, and bring them to life.

We add sparkle. We’re the in-house team in all but location. We’re the extra pair of hands to keep those plates spinning.

Above all we’re the consultancy partner you’re looking forward to calling on Monday morning because you know we’ll listen, and we’ll hit the mark.

What makes it POP?

We will always:

  • Follow the chemistry

    Follow the chemistry

    Everyone’s different. Clients. Consultants. Humans. We’ll build a team that clicks with you and your brief from day one.

  • Actually listen

    Actually listen

    Everyone should listen. Not everyone does. We promise to hear you, from brief to debrief, and build our work around your needs.

  • Have it covered

    Have it covered

    When you call us, we’ll be there… but we’ll also call you, to check in on what you need.

  • Say it like we see it

    Say it like we see it

    We’re partners, so honesty is everything. If we can see a better approach to the one on the table, it’s our job to share it with you.

  • Go further

    Go further

    Whether it’s an existing campaign or a brand new brief, we love making it greater than you imagined possible.

  • Be ready for anything

    Be ready for anything

    Because curveballs come in all shapes and sizes.

What we do

We are founded and grounded in healthcare communications, with global and local expertise.

  • Awareness campaigns

    Using our creativity to increase disease awareness or inspire behaviour change amongst specific or general audiences.

  • Patient advocacy

    Engaging communities to build long-term relationships and/or develop a more patient-centric approach.

  • Product/brand communications

    Getting the traction you need at any stage of any life-cycle.

  • Corporate and franchise communications

    Developing your voice and identity to build or sustain your reputation.

  • Internal communications

    Building effective campaigns and channels to keep the people who make it happen aligned and engaged.

  • Issues management

    Preparing you for any eventuality.

  • The details

    We also excel at the day-to-day work, like:

    • monitoring (traditional media, social media, environmental)
    • mapping (media, stakeholders, influencers)
    • meetings (advisory boards, focus groups, planning)
    • narrative development, social media strategy

A strategic approach to make our ideas pop

Ideas that
Behaviour change theory underpinned with insights Strategic assessment to identify the critical communications levers Inspiration from futurists and popular culture to ensure ideas, platforms and approaches are current and exciting + + = Ideas that


We always leave a great impression but don’t just take our word for it.

POP Health is on a mission to increase the joy and effectiveness of our work through the partnerships we make along the way.

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